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WACD SuiteWater Policy

October 2019


Access to the SuiteWater private application is available to Conservation District employees, Conservation District board members, the WACD Board of Directors, WACD staff, County Commissioners, WCCA staff, and authorized County staff.  SuiteWater is also limited to state and local governments, contractors, state associations and entities approved by the WACD Board of Directors, through signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements.

The above listed entities may maintain access privileges to the program as long as they hold their positions.  Upon registration, requests for access to the program will be submitted to the designated WACD staff via email and shall include the name of the individual, their position, who they are representing, email address, and other relevant contact information.  Upon receipt and approval, WACD will issue access and notify the authorized recipient. 


SuiteWater is a web-based mapping application and water / natural resource planning and analysis tool developed by and for Conservation Districts in Wyoming.  It is intended to provide useful, landscape and watershed level information for planning purposes.

Although the data herein is public, any unauthorized use of this system or data will result in forfeiture of access privileges.  Use of this system for unauthorized purposes, including but not limited to, sharing an authorized password with an unauthorized user, the production of data, maps and information for personal financial gain, are expressly prohibited. 

All data accessed through this tool is subject to change.  The SuiteWater application consists of a variety of publicly available data layers provided directly by data partners and collected from other public map service sources.  WACD and its represented districts make no specific claims or guarantees as to the inherent accuracy or precision of the data herein.  Users should carefully analyze the metadata associated with any data layers and should not use any data for purposes beyond what its scale, accuracy and precision would support.   Dates of when the data was created, where the data was obtained from and other relevant information can be obtained through the metadata.